What happened?

What happened to me? These days I'm tempted to believe that when things were less sophisticated, I was more focused. Is it that I've grown older? I think not! The order is that as you grow older, you gain more, focus-wise. Check this however,when I was younger, I read much more and I was inspired to write more.

Nowadays, I still read a lot-but not from anything that comes off the bark of a tree. I read from a contraption that glows brighter than the TV screen everyone believes was responsible for my early myopia (the real one). From that citizen of Silicon Valley, I have absorbed so much information in very little time. When I was younger, I couldn't have had access to so much literature unless I lived in a library and I could devour all the editions of Encyclopaedia Brittanica in the shelves. Now, Wikipedia makes EB look a long and boring process, just like the name. The name was enough to scare whoever was not a geek. Being asked to read EB was not unlike the solitary confinement, Nazi-style.

Once I come across a strange-but-important-sounding name on the LCD screen, I Google it and I'll promptly be inundated with information enough to befuddle me. Information that could have cost me (in yesteryear) several months of co-habitation with several members of the tree family-gigantic shelves and gargantuan books. Not forgetting the occasional disgruntled termite or roach whose territory you'd inadvertently encroached upon.

To replicate a document, you had to go the whole hog and re-type. It's copy-paste now. What ease...but wait! I'm so convinced that technology came to expose me! My ugly habit has come to the fore...procrastination! I can decide to put off the writing or editing of a document-Microsoft Word makes editing too elementary a task and to create a document I just need to copy-paste-edit.

As for reading,the traditional way that is, I'm so lazy at that now. What time do i have to read print when I spend all day reading blogs? The form has changed no doubt but I sure still prefer the smell of Daily Times(Rukks, this is not plagiarism)! A lot of times, I print what I read online and read on my bed at night. Nothing beats bedside reading. But that's for reading. What about writing? Somehow, I still prefer writing in ink and maybe, type later. But I hardly get inspiration to write in whatever form. Too many technological distractions have taken the place of inspiration for me.

In yesteryear, I could simply sit in the comfort of my father's sitting room, nested among the major dailies, read the whole bunch and get inspiration to write in the cool of the evening. Nowadays, all my spare time I spend answering emails and catching up facebook. How things and people change...how times change...

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