The Curse of the Dark Mind

Noooo! It's not a curse on the Black Man's mind
It's got nothing to do with his skin or genes
It's definitely not a problem of geographical location
These leeches have just stuck tenaciously to the skin of co-incidence
Black is the colour, dark is the feature
Black is the container, dark is the content
the colour need not be black neither does the container have to be black
Black, White, Red or Green Skin,
the Dark mind is just what it is-void and without form

The Dark Mind is a large abode
Its tenants are many-of its ilk, of course!
Corruption? He lives there!
Greed? Isn't he Corruption's brother?
Selfishness and Hate? They love paying visits to Brother DM.
Violence and Dirt? Squatters.
Irresponsibility and Dishonesty? Pray, aren't they synonyms?
Anger, Grief, Intolerance, Silence-in-the-midst-of-Tyranny are not-too-distant relatives
Second Cousins Laziness, Mediocrity, Profanity, Immorality and Perverseness, they check in frequently.
Revenge and Regret, short time no see.

A gargantuan task it is
To try to list all member of DM's family.
You'll know them by their colour
How many times will I tell you!
That I refer NOT to the colour of their skin!
They're all different shades of dark,
Not black.
Dark, Dark is the colour.
Dark, Dark is the mind.

1 comment

Sibel said...

Powerful prose!
"Not Black, Dark is the color"
2 words so similar yet so different.

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