The Final Destination (1) defines the word ‘love’ as “a feeling of intense desire and attraction toward a person with whom one is disposed to make a pair; the emotion of sex and romance”. That’s a shallow definition, If you ask me-and that is why “I love you” is probably the most abused phrase in any language. If it’s all about ‘desire’, ‘attraction’ being ‘disposed’, ‘sex’ or ‘romance’, then why do we wonder why there is no ‘love’ in the world? Or why do we wonder why we ‘fall out of love’ as quickly as we ‘fall in love’?

There is a wide range of emotions and all these words included in the definition of ‘love’ by (which I’m sure was deduced from the world’s definition of the word) are just what they are-mere emotions. Emotions are, by their very nature, fickle and very likely to die or fade away, especially when subjected to intense trial. Which makes me wonder: Is love an emotion?

The phrase “love” is sure to come up in every individual’s life at one time or the other, either in thought or speech. Well, the truth is that, in whatever form it comes, the individual thinking or saying it may actually believe in those words at that moment. The other truth is that these other emotions mentioned above might easily be confused with the real Love since they are equally uncontrollable and tend to overwhelm.

What then is Love as I think it really is? To be honest, I do not have the answer you would like. Love seems to be beyond us humans. For the very few that feel really ‘loved’ at one time or the other, the experience is nothing but a glimpse of true love. Love Unconditional is the real deal. With us humans, love is almost always conditional....

to be continued...

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