Making your Good the Best

A lot of fact, the whole lot of us, tend to just relax when we are having it good. We've been waiting for that 'breakthrough' and when we get it, we just want to relax and 'enjoy' the breakthrough. Well, our churches seem to have given a singular meaning to breakthroughs, so let me clarify. For me , a breakthrough is simply getting hold of anything you deeply desire. It's not just about material breakthroughs which involves getting a new car or getting the new job or house or winning that contract. For some of us, we have just been praying for inner peace, love, happiness etc-the intangible but powerful breakthroughs.

Well, my point is that whether our breakthroughs are tangible or intangible, there is that natural, 'human' tendency to relax after we've gotten the breakthrough and treat it as If it's supposed to take care of itself. There is the absolute need to work harder to sustain the breakthrough. The work starts then!

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journey of an evolving lass said...

hmn, i am inspired by the post. Reminds me of the rich fool in the bible. The problem is not becoming a success, it is staying a success

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