I will be me

I will be me. I will become me. I may start out as a lawyer but end up a musician. When I was a baby, did I know what I would look like at 30? Or what I would be doing?Whatever it is that I have not done now will still be done. If it never gets done, it's okay, that's me, too. I didn't come to do everything I dreamt of doing-not someone like me with so many dreams. There's the Musician, the Writer, the Traveler, the Lover, the Lawyer, the Media/PR specialist, the Husband, the Father. They all live here. I've fulfilled many dreams, but most of them were not mine. I walked into them. Not work.  I have failed at some of the things I worked myself into but succeeded at the walk-intos. Some of them were even walk-throughs.

In any case, I have chosen to keep walking. I will walk into Me one day.

*Thank you for inspiring this write-up after many months of writer's block, Modele. That song is a catalyst.


Sisi Yemmie said...

i hope to keep on walking too

Unknown said...

Keep on walking, please...

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