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It really hurts..the way we've been carrying on in Southern Nigeria with our 'evil will not come near our dwelling' attitude.We just go about our 'normal business' because the bombings in the North don't affect us directly.. or haven't affected us yet.
Oh yeah, this is just a continuation of my rant about selfishness. We could protest when fuel price increased, why can't we picket our Government to do EVERYTHING it can to give us what we have left of the basic necessities-protection? It shows where our priorities lie...a war is brewing,people are being killed in front of us and all we can think of is that our family is NOT affected. 

Do you think Somalia is far away? Do you think what happened in Rwanda cannot happen here? They saw the handwriting on the wall but brushed it aside. Next day, they woke up to find everyone gone. Not everything, EVERY ONE. If the war(yes, this means war) comes down South, those things we care about will disappear. That nice school, that younger brother, those nice cars, the cute buildings, that FUTURE...No one will be able to come to work or make that money that's so important to us...there will be no food, no water, families will be scattered..even the President will not have a country to is really every single person's duty to ensure this rubbish stops!!

Show you care. Do something! Spread useful news on social media to sensitize and not useless jokes about everything that should make you reflect. People are being killed, it could be YOU! Send recharge cards so that they'll be able to call the authorities for help. Let's start writing petitions. Flood the newspapers and magazines with articles. If the government cannot contain what is happening in Jos, Kaduna and other states in the North, then they should say so. Let the Government seek external help. Our sovereignty is already a theory so let's not talk about that now.
We need to do this. Stop being selfish. It's not all about you. It's about you, your neighbour and the children that will lay claim to the name Nigeria when you are no more. They are already killing the next generation. Last Sunday's bombing was of a children's church. They are already destroying what we have left-our faith and hope.

Nigeria is too beautiful a nation for it to go to ruins before our very eyes. We need to go from potential to actuality. From dream to reality. From 'rich in human and natural resources' to trendsetter. The whole of Africa is looking to us for inspiration! 
Well...I had a strange nightmare many months ago and I'll have to share it in my next seems to be coming to pass.
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