Just enough for you

I have often wondered what financial milestone I'll have to reach to consider myself wealthy. I soon gave the task up as way too herculean. I came to the simple conclusion that one does not need much money actually. As soon as i can afford a lifestyle home in the city, a holiday home in the country, a boat, trips around the world with my wife and kids, education in Ivy league schools for my children, 3 or 4 getaways a year for me and my darling...I would consider myself very rich. Add to the concoction peace, good health and a good marriage and i wouldn't care to have the kind of garish wealth aspired to by most people. It is so funny that people aspire to wealth just to get power and other material things and not so they can afford good living.

Please, let me be selfish. That is self-love at its very best. People who aspire to stinking wealth just to acquire power over the fellow man don't realize that power comes with a lorry-load of responsibility.

Just work hard to acquire the wealth that you think is just enough to take of the kind of living you consider fine, invest some and give much of the rest away. Money will always come back to you this way. Give some more away!

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