Upset! Borattttt! Aaaargggh!

This is in no way a movie review. It is a venting of venom. A movie I watched recently upset me. I'd seen all the hype when it was released but I never got to watch it. The film's "Borat". I'd made up my mind to dedicate a couple of hours to this movie, hoping to see a good comedy but I was more upset than entertained at the end of the day! Whatever happened to decent entertainment?

I am definitely not a prude nor am I a conservative fuddy-duddy dude but my mind can sift wheat from chaff. "Borat" is chaff! Fine, the movie has some funny scenes but I was shocked when I discovered that a huge part of the movie was not make-believe! A lot of the participants in the film had been deceived into thinking they were actually featuring in a documentary whereas they were being beamed on screens all over the world-in a grossly derogatory manner.

I see not what is in that film that got it nominated for Oscars. Oscars! Is it the graphically suggestive pornography, the abysmally foul language or the exaggerated comedy?

I am so upset I can't write! Watch it and pass your judgment.

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