He-She: On Male Emotions and Betrayal thereof (1)

So, the general belief is that men are incapable of getting or being emotional. Wrong. Men are emotional. Men are as emotional as women, If not more. The truth of the matter is that men are just better at hiding their emotions than women. Still no news, right? Well, I know that the problem with everyone is that we pay too much attention to prejudices and stereotypes. If only we could all understand that, man or woman, emotions are created to live in us all! We all are emotional beings. Who says that the man is not emotional? Because he doesn't cry like the woman? The correct thing would be to say that both men and women are emotional, but women show more emotions than men.Well, men do cry in a worse way-they "lock up", they can't concentrate on anything and their general well-being is at its lowest. And what is a man without a minuscule of confidence? Lower in every capacity than a woman who has cried her heart out!

Nothing can have a more devastating effect on the emotions than tears that have been bottled up. So, young man, when you let parochial thinking of 90% of people around you convince you that men are not supposed to betray emotions, you do yourself no favour! You do that woman no favour! Those emotions you have refused to betray find their way somewhere else and do nothing but cause deeper hurt when the time comes. Psychosomatic-I think that is the word for it. The painful emotions sometimes show up as physical pain. That's why you will come down with fever when you have refused to betray emotions and in the stead, have resorted to worry. Worry that you've even learnt to hide. That is why you get very hurt when she tells you that you're unfeeling and that she doubts that you love her!

Let's leave the man for a minute. So how has that helped the woman to understand the man? In no way! Women simply cannot understand why men cannot betray emotions, even when they feel the emotions from deep down. Methinks a woman who can at least pretend to understand the man will discover that by encouraging him to speak to you when you notice that he's worried about something, you would save yourself a lot of stress. When you get him to talk to you about it, you have eliminated the possibility of him falling into deep worry. And If you wonder why your men die quicker, women, it's because he worries a lot and piles up a lot in his mind that are not supposed to be there. He resorts to worrying because he too, glibly, believes that you, the woman, are not capable of understanding whatever it is that worries him.

One other thing: When you(the woman) worry, he worries twice over...

So, you really need not worry whether he loves you or not because he doesn't show it, there are a million and one ways to find out whether he loves you. That's your assignment, not mine! What you should be bothered about is whether that other man who betrays emotions(because he wants to convince you to leave him)has genuine reasons for doing so and whether he will continue to do so when he wins you over! Men have a way of switching to "let's-get-back-to-business" mode when the battle is won(wrongful thinking, men).


journey of an evolving lass said...

lol@let's get back to business mode. i had a similar conversation with a male friend today and i honestly think more marriages and relationships would survive if men showed emotions. Just let it all out. besides, i believe tears and speaking your mind is therapeutic.

Unknown said...

I think so too! Men just hide way too much and get way too hurt! Crying is therapeutic really!

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