It happens to the best of us

Bad things happen to good people.

Hmmmm...does it follow that worse things happen to better people or the worst is reserved for the best? I'm tempted to think so. Think of it..good people die young;good guys and gals almost always fall into the hands of bad guys and gals; Job had to endure the worst of calamities yet he was the very best of men; faithful folks almost always get cheated on by their partners; righteous people go through the worst of temptations and trials; faithful friends always get betrayed by their best friends...

Why? I don't know but I think it's some peculiar design meant to bring out even better out of what you think is your best. Sometimes it happens just to make you realise that what you thought was your best was actually not; that somewhere, somehow, God's best is reserved for you.

Every good man and woman goes through this crisis sometimes: You look around you and what you see, what the world seems to be saying, is that it pays to be bad...and you are quite tempted to join the bandwagon. Each time you are betrayed, cheated upon or tried, you are tempted to drop the toga of goodness and 'just be human'...

But for the very best of us, it is almost impossible to be 'bad'. When you find out your partner has cheated on you or that your best friend has betrayed you, your 'human side' wants to be vengeful, to take it out on someone else or just turn plain 'bad', to sleep around with all the girls or guys you can sleep with without feeling guilty about it...but it is almost always impossible. So what do you do but yield to the greater good in you and still hope that one day, the very best will come your way as a reward for your being much more than good?

It happens to the best of us. We do good but we get bad treatment in return. We are nice but we get shabby treatment from others. We love people with all our heart but we get rejected or sometimes, hated in return. We get hurt, we do cry, the worst words are reserved for us...

So folks, what am I saying to you? If you are one of the best, don't let the worst get you down life's ladder. Just keep looking up and expect to get to the very top where you'll find the very best. Remember to say these words as you step on the next rung: "It happens to the best of us..."

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